The Art of Lying.

TV William Gallagher on lying. Ten times yes and twice on Sundays:
"Next time Apple is about to announce something, take a peek at the storm of analysts saying it will definitely be an Apple TV set or it will be an iWatch, no question, we've got proof, and then when it isn't, shield yourself from the storm of "Apple fails!" stories. I switch off my RSS news feed around these times.

"But with soaps, I can't. It's not that I plug soap news into my RSS feed but I do tend to shop in supermarkets and there is not one day I do that there isn't a shelf of magazines with soap headlines on them. This character is about to die, this one is about to kill, that one is pregnant. Most of them are extremely over-hyped but some would genuinely be big moments in their series, except we know about them already."
He's being cagey, but I expect if you read this blog you'll know what this is all about already. We've been lied to in interviews and through internet discussions, time and again, over and over, sometimes venomously to a hilarious degree and thanks to that, we Doctor Who fans have been genuinely surprised on a fair few occasion this year. Sometimes, it was confirmation surprise, as in "I can't believe they actually got Peter Capaldi" but nevertheless surprised. Lie, lie and lie again.

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