Arcangel Grabs Warhol.

Art Cory Arcangel, whose work was major hit at the Liverpool Biennial last decade has helped to recover long lost art work created by Andy Warhol on the Commodore Amiga:
"The idea to salvage those works occurred to Brooklyn, N.Y.–based artist and Warhol devotee Cory Arcangel after watching a YouTube clip in which a young Warhol is seen promoting the release of Commodore International’s Amiga 1000 computer. In the video, the artist’s platinum locks graze his neon pink-rimmed eyeglasses while his hand expertly guides the mouse over a nondescript pad. Within minutes, Debbie Harry’s face appears on the screen."
Does anyone remember a BBC early evening programme from the eighties in which artists used Quantel paintbox to create work? For a quick reminder, here's Tom narrating a commercial for the thing in the 90s:

Tom's in amazingly good mood on this isn't he? Doesn't sound like a fucking disc jockey at all or any other kind of shit. This is definitely more like magic or dreams.  Sorry, I strayed off the point a bit.

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