Doctor Who in the British Pathe Archive:
Jon Pertwee.

TV There's nothing I could find for Patrick, so it's straight on to Jon.

Not the last time Pertwee will wear a coat like that. Or a Doctor would have a scarf like that.

Blink and you'll miss a waistcoated Pertwee early in this clip, but he reappears later comparing styles with Michael Pertwee and Jean Marsh.

A year later, here they are again in colour attending a fashion show for women's waistcoats. "This is something new. Geraldine Smith wears an embroidered waistcoat for the beach." Bonus appearance for cinema's Dr Who, Peter Cushing.

"A films stars gala organised by the Variety Club of Great Britain in aid of children's charities." "Jean Marsh, Jon Pertwee, Jean Kent and Tony Wright are feeling energetic."

The premiere for Woman in a Dressing Gown. "Jon Pertwee chats with Liliane Sottane."

Another variety club event, this time at Battersea. "Panning shot of Jon Pertwee and Eunice Gayson riding on round-about on the same horse."

Billy Smart lights Jon's cigarette while he's dressed as a cowboy. A cornucopia of 50s talent in aid of charity (Bygraves, Baker, Butlin and Cooper).

Premiere of Hancock's The Rebel. "Freddie Mills and Jon Pertwee"

Back in the big top. "Actor Jon Pertwee encouraging baby elephant to stick its trunk into a drink."

With the Carry On gang at Christmas in Petticoat Lane.

Back to Battersea for the eleventh year. The modern equivalent of this would probably be the London Film Memorabilia Convention or some such. Charles Hawtrey feeds Jon a cream cake. Jon's unimpressed.

Years before it became Compo's signature mode of transport, Jon tries his hand at driving a tin bath.

More nauticalia. Jon attends the Boat Show at Earls Court and has his eye on 'A Speranziella', the winner of the 1963 off-shore power boat race.

Silver anniversary of the Children's Film Foundation and the premiere of Lionheart. Jon's here with his two daughters and "Mrs Pertwee". He looks like he's just on the edge of becoming the Time Lord (assuming film wasn't already under way...)  As for Doctor actors, this as far as the Pathe Archive stretches.

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