Doctor Who in the British Pathe Archive:

TV Happy Easter! After last night's Yeti revelation, here's the handiwork of one Victor Sherlock of Horsham, West Sussex, his "remote control" Dalek.

"John Aubury, of the Lancaster College of Technology, designed a radio-controlled robot that is used to sell rag magazines. M/S of a dalek-style robot on a busy shopping street. A young man walks past and stops to buy a magazine. He takes one from a panel in the side of the robot. A money pot hangs from the end of the dalek's radar gun, the man drops some change into it."

The search results for the pepperpots also include this which becomes slightly less worrying when you realise that Pathe have mislabelled it and it's actually the building of the Bank of Manhattan building, so no Dalekanium required.

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