"The play was chippy all the way through."

Sport On this day 28 years ago, the Montreal Canadiens fought the Quebec Nordiques in the National Hockey League. Literally fought. At a certain point in what might have been a routine ice hockey match, the whole notion of wanting to get the puck into the goal became secondary to personality clashes and punches.

Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic remembers:
"It has been called the Good Friday Massacre, the Battle of Quebec and Le Bataille du Vendredi saint. Having watched thousands of games before and since, it is one of the three or four I will never forget. The teams started fighting in earnest just seconds into the game. The play was chippy all the way through. As the second period ended a brawl broke out, worse than anything the NHL has seen since. Then, to make matters worse, the referees allowed some of the angry, ejected players to return to the ice for third period, at which point an even more brutal series of fights occurred."

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