Leland Chee has wasted his life.

Film The Star Wars EU is dead. Long live the EU. As I sort of suggested they should and as I suppose was expected, as of today's announcement LucasDisney have effectively dumped the old expanded universe as a continuity and the new films won't be beholden to the bloated inaccessible mess the post-Jedi continuity had become.  Except it's not that clear cut, sadly. As this video and the ensuing new publication announcement annunciates, the EU will still be used as a massive resource of ideas which creates a bit of a grey area for fans presumably.  Would have been better to start again.  Instead they're still utilising odds and sods created for role playing games in the 1980s as back story for new cartoons and the like so there'll still be the nagging feeling that this or that old publication "counts".  This'll become clearer moving forward, I guess, as the new story group, which to be fair includes Chee so he's being kept around at least, and his holocron.  Either way, Chewbacca's alive, Boba Fett's dead again and ebay's about to be flooded with fictions rendered utterly pointless.  Oh and updating the Wookiepedia's going to become a pain in the arse for a whole bunch of people.

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