"A drab newspaper turned into a cutting-edge magazine."

For Jo, My Dear Friend:
"In her speech, Jo was full of fire and passion about what Impact could become. A drab newspaper turned into a cutting-edge magazine. We’d give the students what they wanted – the first thing she would do is carry out a survey asking them. No more dull-as-shit stories about the hall presidents; we would hold the university to account. We would reach outside campus and find out what was going on in Nottingham – and across the Midlands. We’d be as good as any newspaper from any other university." [via].

The English vet saving Sri Lanka’s street dogs:
"A vet has left behind her home in England to care for Sri Lanka’s street dogs. Janey Lowes from Barnard Castle, County Durham, has spent the past two years caring for the neglected animals."

60% of primate species now threatened with extinction, says major new study:
"Primates are remarkable. We’re all familiar with chimpanzees, monkeys, and ring-tailed lemurs, but have you heard of tarsiers, with their big eyes? Or Cleese’s woolly lemur, named after John Cleese? Or the fabulous red-shanked douc? What about the scary-looking red-headed bald uakari? Or did you know that primates can be as small as mice?"

This Video Reveals The Easter Eggs In Every Disney/Pixar Movie:
"As if we needed anymore evidence that these films are solid gold, here’s a compilation of all the easter eggs hidden within every Disney•Pixar movie. Spoilers: it goes way deeper than just the Pizza Planet truck. Prepare to have your mind blown."

It’s Not Heat Vision: Why Scott Summers Always Left Me Cold:
"Who is Scott Summers? It’s a question that until Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men I didn’t care to answer. Scott reminded me too much of the people who’d ignored me at school, never the bullies, but the ones complicit with their silence. The kind who see themselves as better than every other person in exactly the same situation. As a disabled teenager learning to live in an abled world, I resented Scott’s desperation to hide who he was and what he could do. I couldn’t help but find something sinister about trying to be the most normal mutant in a room full of them."

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