"recommendations to his daughters"

Every book Barack Obama has recommended during his presidency:
"Whether he’s reading to kids at the White House, hitting up local bookstores on Black Friday, or giving recommendations to his daughters, President Barack Obama may as well be known as the Commander in Books."

How Hitler set out to destroy ‘degenerate’ art:
"In 1937, two competing exhibitions caused a dramatic split in the art world. In one, traditional German art held sway. The other featured the ‘degenerate’ modern art hated by Hitler. Eighty years later, WILLIAM COOK considers one of the most important clashes in 20th Century art."

So When Exactly Does Wolverine’s ‘Logan’ Take Place?
"... as fans get ready for what could be Wolverine’s final bow in Logan, where exactly does all this fit in with everything else we’ve experienced to this point? Star Hugh Jackman told Digital Spy that director James Mangold has made it easy."

Christina Ricci: 'I thought I'd do better as I got older':
"The once child star has struggled to land grown-up roles, so now she has created her own. She talks about her angry teens, Hollywood creeps – and bringing Zelda, the hard-partying wife of F Scott Fitzgerald, to the screen."

Consequences of twenty-first-century policy for multi-millennial climate and sea-level change:
"Most of the policy debate surrounding the actions needed to mitigate and adapt to anthropogenic climate change has been framed by observations of the past 150 years as well as climate and sea-level projections for the twenty-first century. The focus on this 250-year window, however, obscures some of the most profound problems associated with climate change."

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