"Sugababes were always a guilty pop pleasure"

Brexit and EU academics in the UK – breaking up is hard to do:
"Which makes it all the more strange why the Government should be, accidentally or deliberately, undermining our Universities. Most of the commentary on Brexit will have on UK Universities has concentrated on issues of funding, research cooperation and students. Much less attention has been paid to what keeps Universities running – academic staff – and what Brexit will mean for the thirty-thousand plus EU academics in the UK. Here are some of their personal experiences and what it means for our Universities."

Meadowlark Announce 'Nocturnes' EP Ahead Of Amber Run Support Tour:
"Speaking about their choice of cover track, Kate McGill said: "Sugababes were always a guilty pop pleasure and About You Now was no exception, but underneath its cheesy noughties pop front the chords and melodies speak of a darker tone which is everything we love about songwriting."

25 Years of Alien 3:
"This year (May 22 to be exact) marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Alien 3. Following Ridley Scott's Alien and James Cameron's Aliens, the third movie, helmed by music video director David Fincher, was poorly received by critics and fans of the franchise. But is it really such a lame duck in the series? James Cooray Smith reassesses the cubed sequel..."

Huawei could rescue Amazon's Alexa from the smart home:
"In the car, its initial partner is Ford, which will integrate Alexa into its vehicles from this summer, allowing drivers to start their cars using their Amazon Echo, play Kindle audio books and order items on Amazon while travelling – as well as more generic search and navigation functions. Ford is working on adding Alexa home-to-car integration for vehicles with Sync Connect in the future. Steve Rabuchin, vice president for Amazon Alexa said: “We believe voice is the future, and this is particularly true in cars.”"
[Editor's Note: KITT.]

An Ode To The Greatest Hero Yet To Appear In Any Superhero Movie:
"The camera then does a funny thing. As it pans across the kneeling crowd with their meek, understandably downcast faces, it lingers on an old man (Kenneth Tigar), straight-necked, staring off to the right."

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