"unnatural fluctuations in brightness"

A strange new theory may finally solve the mystery of an “alien megastructure” that has confounded scientists for months:
"There isn’t a star like KIC 8462852. For the past 18 months, ever since a group of astronomers introduced the world to its strange, seemingly unnatural fluctuations in brightness, scientists have been obsessed with it."

Playing dead: my part as a corpse that came back to haunt me:
"When Olivia Williams was starting out as an actor, one of her first roles was as a dead body in Poplar morgue, providing her with a darkly funny anecdote. But 20 years on the story took a poignant twist…"
[Editor's note: Was Olivia Williams the secret actor all along? The series would appear to be Amanda Redman vehicle Beck from 1996, dodgy recording of the opening credits above.]

Did Stranger Things Steal Its Theme Song?
"Respected internet movie personality Film Critic Hulk recently tweeted about how the beloved smooth and spooky synth tones of the Stranger Things theme song sound suspiciously familiar to the beloved synth tones of composer and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez. When writing their score, did Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein rip off this track “Wanna Fight” from 2013’s Only God Forgives? Listen for yourself."

How 'Supergirl' Mirrors My Own Coming-Out Process:

"For as long as I can remember, I've loved superhero stories. As a kid, I watched the cartoons. Later on, I rarely missed a major superhero movie midnight release. Eventually, I read comics and graphic novels, too, but most of my early superhero intake happened in front of screens. But the superhero movies and shows I loved so obsessively never told stories about women like me, never told stories about women who fell in love with other women."

How LA LA LAND is made:
"Not how it was made. We’ll get “The Making of La La Land” as a DVD bonus, and there are already behind-the-scenes promos. No, this is about how it is made. On this site, we mostly practice a criticism of enthusiasm. We write about what we like, or at least about films that intrigue us from the standpoint of history or aesthetics. Sometimes, what interests us intersects with a current controversy. Take La La Land."

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