Buffy Since I've got a cold and I'm in a self-indulgent mood:
"Every set has its own sort of tenor. The thing about Firefly.. that this whole cast, ... they're extremely kind and professional, and they get along, and they help each other, and they work hard. I'm not saying my other casts don't work hard. And some of them get along, and it's great. But there's a star, and then there's the ensemble. And there's tensions on the set. ... It's not one big happy family. It seldom is on a television set. And [in Firefly,] I've got nine people, all of whom are great in a scene. Any pair of them works great. And all of them doing their best to help each other out. It's early on still. But they really feel like an ensemble than any bunch I've worked with."
Implication being there may be a few prima-donna's knocking around the Buffyverse ... anyone like to take bets? [from Sci-fi Wire, via Wheadonesque]

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