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John Leyland: I'm trying to find a song that contains lyrics that go something like "it's funny how the girls you fall in love with never fancy you" or similar - can you help?

6th Floor Online: I remember that song - I think it was by a group called Airhead, and was called "Funny How". Round about 1990?

Keli R: Correct. The song is "Funny How" by Airhead, who are probably the most famous thing ever to come from Maidstone. Um, "Funny How" was released as a single, on Korova Records, but your best bet for getting hold of a copy of the song (other than Napster) is to search bargain bins for the parent album "Boing" (also Korova Records, now deleted).

Jez: As a postscript: Airhead were originally 'Jefferson Airhead' - until Grace Slick and co. (Jefferson Airplane/Starship etc) started threatening legal action..!
I actually remember riding about the Edge Lane area of Liverpool looking for the new cinema which had opened singing this very, very loudly ... [from: I Know My Music]

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