Design I'm looking for a new office chair. My old one finally bent after I lunged at it a few weeks ago and since then I've been sitting on this pine/wicker dining affair which is making my back hurt, and it far too high for the table (to type comfortably I have to rest my elbows on my knees). I know I'll end up going to Argos or Office World eventually to get a new one, but until then can I stick my nose up on the shop frontage and look at the wonder that is the 'Egg Chair'. It's a lovely red affair with a nice high curved back. Imagine the moment in a film when the hero enters the bad guy's lair and he is suddenly revealed to be the hero's best friend / shrink / teacher. He'll be turning around in an 'Egg chair'. Probably stroking a cat.

The man who designed the chair, Arne Jacobsen was one of Denmark's premiere architects and designers. Eventually. When his career first began, the papers were less than kind:
"Only 37 years before reaching this unique status a Danish newspaper, commenting on the newly finished "Stelling" house, had written that he should be banned from building for life and one of his masterpieces the SAS Royal hotel (1958-1960) in Denmark's capital Copenhagen won on it's inauguration a public competition for "the ugliest building in the city".
If I had a TARDIS, I'd go back in time to 1958 and borrow it straight away. Lower ... back ... spasm ...

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