Work I handed my notice in today. The comparison with last time was stark. Last time I knew everyone, and it came as an absolute shock to them all. Here I don’t know anyone very much at all (partly, mostly my own fault/choosing) so I suppose I’ll be one of the people who simply disappear.

Unlike last time I do have a job to go to. I had applied for it a few weeks ago and received a rejection letter, but I suspect someone has dropped out of their initial choice and here I am. I’m like Viggo Mortensen I suppose getting the call up to appear in ‘Lord of the Rings’, to replace the miscast Stuart Townsend as Aragorn. He had days to pack up his life to disappear for a year, I’ve just over a week. The new job is everything I’ve possible been looking for, for now. It’s in the city centre, it’s a salary increase of a few thousand more a year and it’s outside the financial sector. I think some people were meant to be pushing numbers around and some would rather be somewhere else. In this job (I’ll probably tell you what it is one day) I’ll me interacting with people about their actual lives. See Mae Winningham in ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’. Or in the area anyway.

I’m just looking forward to my lunch times being a richer experience. There are only so many times you can go to the local library to use the internet. I can do that at home.

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