That Day It’s the end of the school day and two teachers are discussing what’s been happening, and in particular one of their students who simple doesn’t seem to be fitting in. She’s a bit of a loner and has difficulty concentrating in class. They confront the child, who seems a bet restless and disturbed. The teachers are still worried and follow her home, only to find her ducking into a junkyard. They wait a moment then follow her in, only to be confronted by a batty old man, who claims to be the girl’s grandfather. They hear the girl’s voice -- he’s keeping her locked away in a box. Angry one of the teachers rushes at the box and they both find themselves trapped inside as well. The old man kidnaps and it’s years before they escape.

In the year 2002 this would be cutting edge drama about child abuse, probably by Ken Loach. In 1963 it was a kids programme, and the first episode of the longest running British science fiction series.

Happy 39th Birthday Doctor Who.

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