Life Another story for the interested. 'The Guardian' Guide mini-book waxed lyrical today about 'My So-Called Life', a series I'm forever referencing here. In a flouting of the copyright laws a scan appears here (what else am I supposed to do if they haven't posted a linkable version online?). It's a short piece but covers all the reason I still love the series. It's anti-'Dawson's Creek' but in a funny way:
"Compared to the later (vile) Dawson's Creek -- where Dawson The Bastard lurches from one existential crisis to another like some massive-foreheaded Camus -- MSCL's characters were bogged down in the mundane because, like real teenagers, they didn't know any different."
I could of course enter into a long discourse about how 'The Creek' is a different kind of show, trying to do different things, but I'll not bother because 'The Life' was a superior show. And I can't agree more with the article's comparison of how each programme has with the gay sub-plot, for example. And I love the idea that all roads from the currently critically acclaimed shows lead back to MSCL (his implication is that 'Six Feet Under creator, Alan Ball is something of a fan -- so now the reunion film has a writer ...) Or something.

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