Previous yearly reviews

Archive Just in case new readers were wondering, I've been running a review like this annually for the past few years, so I thought it would be an idea to highlight some of things which happened previously.

The first was in 2002 and tried to throw a personal twist on the reviews I was seeing in the media at the time.
So that meant people who had shaped the year, Trinny Woodall, Mark Kermode, Avril Lavigne, Peter Jackson and Paula Radcliffe.
In music, the UN concert celebrating the Nobel Peace Prize, tatu's promo for All The Things She Said, Radio 3's Late Junction and Jarvis Cocker on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes.
My top five films were Shallow Hal, Kissing Jessica Stein, Gosford Park, Changing Lanes and Baise Moi.
I also talked about my three favourite moments for me: the Commonwealth Games, getting lost in translation in Paris and the death of Buffy.
Then there was everything else and final lists.

In Review 2003, I asked the people whose work I'd enjoyed over the previous twelve months five questions. Little did I realise I would have replies from future Oscar nominees, Doctor Who writers, magazine editors and rulers of their own country ...
What was the best thing which happened to you personally in 2003?
In general, which one thing in 2003 will have the most lasting consequences?
Who was the best new person you met in 2003 and what was the first thing you talked about?

Describe the one thing in 2003 which made you stop in your tracks and say under your breath 'That's so cool...'
What do you predict for 2004?

Last year, I posted a diary I'd kept for the whole of 2004 recording everything I'd watched -- television or film ...
Introduction with January and February
March and April
May and June
July and August
September and October
November and December
... you should have seen the manhours that went into recording that diary and intergrating all the links. Perhaps sensing that I'd just end up posting lists of things I also somehow managed also offer my favourite moments in films, music and television.

Which brings us back up to date. I do hope you've been enjoying Review 2005. Plenty more to come.


crossoverman said...

Future Oscar nominees?

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Jeff Blitz director of 'Spellbound'. Lost out to Michael Moore that year ...