Bach again

Music I might have mentioned that I've been find an essay particularly problematical. I'm going through my usual process of blind panic, nerves and depression. Something usually drags me out of the slump and lightens things and this time its been Radio 3's Bach at Christmas. Really this is music from the Gods. I haven't heard anything I've disliked yet and its comforting to be able to turn on the radio and find something extraordinary at every moment of the day. The Guardian have a massive post on the subject which points out that there is a blog to accompany the event. They even have everything on listen again, in case there is anything you've missed.

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  1. Anonymous5:02 am

    I've been enjoying it, too. It has accompanied hours of semi-dozing while I've been feeling under the weather or just plain tired lately. Even when the music stops and the talking starts, it's so very soothing and gentle. Just wish I could listen to it at 5am.