The Road To Beijing: Laura Baldwin & Abi Oyepitan

The Road To Beijing "If I'd done what I did in the first race yesterday and gone right, I'd have been well inside the top ten overall but as it was I went left! I finshed 20th. The pressure was huge for the last race so I gave it everything I had and was 3rd to the windward mark. I lost 3 boats on the secon beat to finish 6th which placed me 11th overall, one place behind GBR's Lizzie Vickers in 10th. I am happy with my performance at this regatta and I learned loads from Diego who was a fantastic coach! I have a lot to thank him for.. Thank you Diego!" -- Laura Baldwin updates us with a diary from Laser Radial World Championships.

Elsewhere Miss February, sorry Abi Oyepitan has been the driving force behind a 2006 calender, Ladies of the Track, Babes of the Field. No quote from Abi, but Miss April, Goldie Sayers (javelin finalist at the World Championships in Helsinki this year): 'I've always dreamt of it. [Her sarcasm probably does not translate too obviously into print.] My Mummy gave me boobs and a bum; not much good for training, but good for a calendar.' The BBC have images -- and really it's not what you'd expect ... [about]

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