"I'm 5 years old and my dad's a giant sitting beside me."

Music Nizlopi's JCB Song should be the Christmas number one and really, is one of the songs of the year. I played it for my parents on Saturday for the first time and by the end, tears were streaming down my face. It has that ability, and I would say the same for The Sunscreen Song of making the listener want to hug someone immediately afterwards and particularly in this case your Dad.

For once, there is a song which evokes feelings of love, not of a romantic nature but for a parent. Although not many people will know what its like to be on sitting beside their father on a JCB, they do know that feeling of being protected by a paternal figure; but this is something we've all lost. At some point as part of the growing up process we all learn that he's not the superhero that we thought he was when we were a child. The he's just like us really only older and somewhat wiser.

There are also the cultural references, to Transformers, Zoids, Bruce Lee and the A-Team van. Obviously these will be particularly noticable to people of a certain age (me) for whom these were also childhood heroes (me). I'm not sure that much else would work in their place and indeed as usual part of the success of the song is the video, in this case the animation by Monkeehub, which features these elements but also that amazing moment at the end when the JCB sprouts wings and sours through the air as the child's and our imagination flies...

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