Christmas and crushes

Life This weekend is Christmas preparation time, with the tree and decorations installed, the lights up in the hallways and the cake in the oven. I don't think I have any more presents to buy, although I'm sure once I've started wrapping I'll think of something else I should have included. Its certainly been more difficult this year and I think it's because time seems to be contracting as I get older. There was one item I thought I'd bought for someone this year and then I realised I'd actually given it to them as a gift last time (which would why I couldn't find it in the bag with all the rest), it just doesn't seem so long ago.

Sorry I've been letting other people words speak for me these past few days and weeks, but the studying crunch is happening and I'm slightly overwhelmed. Again today I've been finishing a presentation for the final seminar of the year on Monday (on Tarkovsky and Douglas Adams and their use of sound) and trying to chip away at an essay. It's all very well having big ideas, but then being held back by your own mediocrity in the application. I'm enjoying myself though which is really the main thing.

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