Oh my god! It's so annoying!

Music "Oh my god! It's so annoying! Mutya's baby [Mutya Buena from the Sugababes] loves it, mind you. She laughs her head off at it. Look! I'll show you a picture! [Keisha shows OMM a photograph on her mobile phone of Mutya's baby laughing.] But I think to myself, who bought it, the Crazy Frog? Like really, though. Who thought, 'That's a wicked tune!'. Like, what's half the population on?" -- Keisha Buchanan features in one of the best music reviews of the year I've read, from The Observer. Parts of it just hilarious and bless her, Keisha displays a wit I've never seen before. Sudden nostalgia for the days when The Sugababes had soul.

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