Review 2006

Aisling asks:
If you could have your own total fantasy life, what would it be like?

Manhattan's waking up again. It's seven-oh-four in the morning and I'm sitting on the window ledge of our apartment watching the city stir on the sidewalk below me. I should be nodding off but for some reason lately I've been able to function on about three hours sleep. I've never understood how I've been able to wake up bright and early after such wild nights and not feel the knock on effect for the rest of the week. Must be perfectly normal because everyone else I know seems to be able to. Jogging through Central Park earlier, I was struck by how many people there were. The after show party was a blast last night and I'll write some more about that and the show when its coalesced in my brain. I love that the Buffy episode wasn't a blip and that Joss is going to have another string to his bow. Objects in Space is bound to be become one of the Broadway standards.

Which reminds me (for no apparent reason) that the deadline's looming for that introduction I promised, for the collected volume of my film writing for the New Yorker. It's surprisingly difficult to reflect back on what's been such a short but prolific career without sounding pompous. What am I supposed to talk about? The list I put together for the film festival is a good indication - I'm really pleased they've been able to source new prints of Map of the Human Heart, Love and Other Catastrophes and In The Bleak Midwinter so I suppose I could just talk about my passion for fairly obscure films. For some reason I've been lucky enough to write about something I love and get paid very well for it and touch people's lives.

I mean, I still can't get over that moment at the New Years Eve party when Rosario told me that she'd only won her Oscar because she'd been so inspired by what I'd written about her in my review of Emotion Going. But then I live in a constant state of amazement that she fell in the love with me. Oh good lord, I've still need to find something nice for her mother for Christmas. We'll do Macies. Or have breakfast at Tiffany's (I've always want to say that). It's the first time I've spent any time with the Dawson clan and I'm pretty nervous, especially since I'm the new boy and they'll be wondering what she's doing with this funny looking English bloke. I'm sure she's right about it being the perfect time to announce the engagement though.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a dreamy bubble, everything feels just too perfect. I was reading more comment in the Guardian Weekly earlier about Clooney announcing that the entire defense budget would be used to feed the world. No one could believe that the Republicans would support that kind of move from a Democratic President or that all of those countries you'd think would use the opportunity to attack the US said that they would lay down their arms in support of such a selfless act. People used to half jokingly drink to world peace, but no one thought it would actually happen.

If six months ago some diplomat had said that North and South Korea would open their borders or that live and let live would become the new motto at the UN they'd be pensioned off. If I wasn't so settled and in love I'd be tempted to move back home - they're calling Charles Kennedy the best prime minister since Churchill with his benevolent reforms of public services. I've even heard that all trains are running on time everywhere. Amazing.

I'm more political than I used to be aren't I?

Anyway, I'd better post this, Rose will be back soon with the bagels and coffee. I hope they had some of that Christmas blend . . .


  1. Anonymous1:57 pm

    It's spelt Manhattan.

  2. In my fantasy it's the other spelling...


  3. Anonymous6:36 pm

    who is Rosario ?!?!?!

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  5. "Rosario told me" "she fell in the love with me" "the Dawson clan" "announce the engagement"

  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Stop being wierd and answer the question ;) Who is Rosario ?