Forgotten Films


Every year, US film critic Roger Ebert plans a film festival, EbertFest, of work that he thinks has been incorrectly ignored (Here is last year's schedule and the directory for the years before). The choices are based on his many years of reviewing films and seeing his recommendations passing his peers and audiences by. The resurrection of these so-called 'lost films' is very much in vogue of late, with a recent article in Empire Magazine and this list compiled by The Guardian's panel of critics.

Never one to ignore a good bandwagon, I thought I would spend February introducing some forgotten films. Largely the choices will be of a personal nature, which accounts for the preponderance of romantic comedies and and interesting narrative techniques, sometimes in the same film. There isn't much more to add other than if it's on this list it's worth hunting down and that like some have already, you're welcome to contribute. Just email your reviews in a couple of hundred words to and I'll publish them here with extra credit. The name of the film and a couple of comments will do if you haven't the time.

[The cinema pictured is The Futurist on Lime Street one of Liverpool's great lost cinemas. Image from the Liverpool Pictorial website.]

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