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  • Bloggers Blog: Celebrity Blog Links
    You would expect a list like this to be longer.
  • The West Wing: What Went Wrong
    This Jump The Shark page includes a really excellent well thought out analysis of why the Welles era didn't work. I'm using a Google cache which highlights when the text begins. Thanks Ian.
  • filmlog: The Butterfly Effect (2004)
    Useful if not entirely original concept spoiled by poor structuring and variable tone. Plus, I'm not sure how the same journal entries could turn up in these disparate timelines if Evan and his friend's attitudes were being changed so completely. The filmmakers decided against the really satisfying ending included in the dvd extras because 'it would ruin the integrity of the film'. How annoying is that? You're making a Hollywood genre film people -- to tack on the arty ending that you have in a desperate attempt to elevate the material to Ingmar Bergman territory is annoying, pisses off your core audience and makes you look like pretentious cretins. Get over yourselves.
  • filmlog: Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
    Really entertaining and nostalgic film, amazingly directed by Angela Robinson of 'DEBS' fame. It's a shame that some of the stunts have been CGed, but mostly it's good old fashioned Disney thrills and fun.
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