Life Aside from a side order of flem my cold is beginning to clear. My eyes are wide open and my brain is working, although both could have more to do with drinking coffee for the first time in days mixed with the the 25 milligrams of caffeine also contained in the very excellent Lemsip tablets I've also been taking. Can anyone explain how those little oblong pellets of what looks and feels like plastic can possibly digest in my stomach there? I've also been eating fresh fruit which I know will please someone in my readership. Bananas and plums. Apples still look like too much of an effort with all the crunching involvled.

A mist has descended on Liverpool and particularly it seems the park. As I strolled across the parade field towards Lark Lane to buy the Saturday newspapers, for a few metres the rest of the landscape disappeared into a wall of fog, and as I listened to The News Quiz on my Walkman, drowning out the sound of the city I genuinely felt like I could have been anywhere, slightly worried that I might walk into a tree. Then the other side of the field drifted into sight as did all the fauna and I was pleased to notice that I hadn't gone too far off course. I might not know were I'm going in life, but at least I have an good sense of direction so there's a chance I'll still get there.


  1. I hope you get better. I had it last week: short but fierce. Constantly blowing my nose has made it all crusty, which is not an attractive look.

    Btw, I'm sending you the film this week so watch out for it !

    A x

  2. I will. Looking forward to it.