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  • Cinematical: Katie Holmes Is Out -- Will Rachel McAdams Step In?
    Rachel will possibly be playing Selena Kyle which sound like perfect casting to me. But then casting McAdams in anything is perfect casting isn't it?
  • filmlog: The Musketeer
    Curiously uninvolving film despite some spectacular Asian influenced fight sequences and good humoured performances. At one point, Mena Suvari's character threatens Arthur Fowler (Bill Treacher) from 'Eastenders' with a knife!
  • MetaFilter: UK TV idents
    In which I post links to an amazing website that has flash versions of old tv logos and clocks -- for a range of tv channels when they were still animated -- like the gold and blue BBC1 clock or the LWT wave. And they actually tell the time now!
  • Observations on film art and FILM ART
    Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell taught me everything I needed to know about film narrative. Their superb blog is the kind of thing I'm going to want to sit down and read from start to finish. Amazing stuff.
  • The Onyx Project :: A NAVworld™ Experience - a new genre of digital expression
    Speaking of my dissertation this is the kind of thing that would have made a perfect example of the kind of interactive media that messes up the usual narrative conventions. David Strathairn stars. Thanks Keris.
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