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  • icLiverpool: Why park roads will be a hole lot better!
    About as local as a news story can be -- the potholes outside our building are finally going to be filled in properly.
  • Wikipedia: Wittertainment
    “Wittertainment at its most wittertaining”
  • Empire: Penelope Cruz In Woody Allen's Next
    While we all (aright I) wait for some kind of uk release for 'Scoop', Penelope has signed for Woody's next film but one. And it's a comedy drama. Set in Barcelona. Any chance of a really serious film in the Interiors mould some time soon?
    Jordana Brewster signs to play Mrs. Smith in the tv version of the film 'Mr & Mrs Smith' which on the basis of her turn in DEBS is excellent casting.
  • Antarctic conservation blog: Shackleton’s hut, before and after
    The famous site has been reconfigured slightly. Excellent photographs, especially of his signature on one of the boxes.
  • filmlog: Jaws (1975)
    To quote Pauline Kael: "the most cheerfully perverse scare movie ever made... [with] more zest than an early Woody Allen picture, a lot more electricity, [and] it's funny in a Woody Allen sort of way." Certainly is -- Dreyfuss is a riot.
  • Britannica Blog: What 2001 Got Right—and Wrong
    "Talking and reasoning computers. Commercial airline flights to the moon and beyond. Newspapers that bring readers only reports they want to have."
  • Human Cheese
    "Human cheese is cheese produced from the breast milk of female humans. It has been proposed as a Vegan alternative to cheeses produced by other mammals, such as goats and cows." Ugh. Ewe.
    Adam appears on 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' after all. Previous blog entry about getting bumped mentioned on the show.
  • Belle de Jour: 01/01/2007 - 01/31/2007
    Belle goes to a 'Half Man Half Biscuit'. They once released an album inspired by working somewhere I used to work. Oh yes.
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