Commerce I've finally received confirmation of something I've suspected for some time. That on their menu, Starbucks don't advertise all of the sizes that they sell. It might appear that the smallest size above espresso is 'Tall', but actually you can order a 'Short' which comes in a mug that is indeed smaller than a 'Tall' and as you would expect cheaper. So those of who can't get through the 'Tall' now have somewhere to go that doesn't include wasting a bunch of coffee. As you might expect I was a bit surprised when I found out, but it really shouldn't have been to the extent that I forgot what I was doing:
"Do you have a size smaller then tall?"
"Oh. Well, I'll have one of those."
"What would you like?"
"What. Oh erm. A coffee?"
"Right. And which one."
"Oh erm. Filter coffee."
"And how would you like it?"
"Oh. Black -- with milk."
She glares at me. Somehow my conscious brain and everything else snapped back together."
"Sorry -- black. I'm having a really wierd day today."
She has a look in her eye that says -- "Right... you too ..."

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  1. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I'm more of a tea man myself. Coffee gives one bad breath and is definately not a hit with the ladies, would you not agree my good man ?