Another call for entries.

Film Keeping on the movie theme (have I written about anything else lately?) and with inspiration from Annette (bet you weren't expecting this) I'm designating next month as Forgotten Films February. Each day I'll be posting a film review of something which has been generally overlooked but which I think is as good as some of the so-called classics. The reason I'm mentioning it now is that of course I'm looking for contributions. So if there's a film you don't think anyone else has seen and you think you can describe it in a hundred or so words I'll post your review up here with all the credit you'd like. If you don't think you can write that much yourself, simply email me at with the film title and I'll see if I can put something together for you. As usual, thanks in advance.

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  1. Anonymous6:12 pm

    You're right, I wasn't expecting this at all! Great idea.