Five Things

Meme All the cool bloggers have lately been posting answers (can you call them answers?) to the the Five Things You Don't Know About Me meme. Given the 100 things post, this and the fact I've been blogging for five and half years, I'm not sure that there's very much more to tell. Well alright actually there is, so whilst I wait for this to download here are a few things I haven't mentioned. I don't think.

(1) I think that Keith Mansfield's original theme for the BBC's Saturday afternoon sport programme Grandstand is one of the best pieces of instrumental music ever. That's really how to use the brass and percussion sections of an orchestra. The extended 7" version has totally unexpected tricked out crazy disco section in the middle which is amazing.

(2) I'm a terrible liar - it plays on my conscience even when I don't think that people can always tell. So I try to avoid it as much as possible.

(3) My first crush was at the age of twelve. There was a girl from a private school who wore a dark brown uniform, with dark brown platted hair and dark brown eyes who I would see on the 80 bus each morning. We would get off at the same place and I would wait and get another bus up the hill towards school with her. She'd always sit at the back and I'd sit at the front and when I got off after one stop, outside school, I would always wait on the pavement and wave her away and she'd smile at me and that would make the rest of the day bearable.

(4) I'm excellent at keeping secrets. Back when I had a life, everyone would tell me everything and I'd never tell. I had a friend at school who simply wouldn't tell anyone which of the sixth form girls he fancied. But he told me. And it turned out to be a girl that everyone else fancied, including me. But I kept my word.

(5) I don't actually remember the first time I read Shakespeare. I don't remember the first time I watched Doctor Who. I don't know why those are connected.

I hope that was illuminating. I'm tagging Amy, Meredith, Tom, Kate and Jess.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 am

    Hey, am I one of the cool bloggers? Cool!

    Funny, I think I'm quite a good liar and I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Not proud of either of those.