"I just wanted to say..."

About I've received this lovely email from Gary:
Hi Stuart,

"I just wanted to say..." thanks for what you write. I've read your blog daily for - well it must be nearly two years. I can't remember how I found it originally. All the things you write about seem to strike a chord with me. When I check my newsfeed you are the first I read (followed by Warren Ellis and then Behind the Sofa [which I discovered through you]). What you write about movies and tv is spot on and I really can't get why you're not already working for radio or some magazine (How great would a radio show with you and Mark Kermode be?}. Plus you like Doctor Who which is great.

I thought I'd just mail you this because I was thinking how much I enjoy reading what you're up to and what you think about and how much I'd miss it if you stopped. I guess with a blog that it's easy to lose sight that there are lots of us who are "lurkers". Hey, I'm a lurker at last!

I replied:

Wow, thank you so much. That's probably one of the nicest emails I've ever had and so welcome right now when I'm having such a crisis with my writing and whether that's really what I want to do. This week I plan to update my portfolio properly, just choosing the writing I particularly love, no matter how much of it and sending it off to people just to see. You've really, really spurned me on to do that. Don't worry, though I'm not going to stop -- I've decided that I must post at least one piece of writing a day on one of the blogs, something I'm managing to keep up with for now. Wow, again.

Take care,


PS Do you mind if I post your email up on the blog?
Thanks very much again Gary.


  1. Just another one of your adoring fans Stu ! ;)

  2. Maybe I'm a naturally cynical person, but I smell a rat. How can you tell if these people are actually real ? Just playing Devil's Advocate but I'd be sceptical about receiving e-mails from people I've never seen or met. On the other hand, maybe I'm being over cautious and it 100% genuine. Do you ever get doubts over authenticity during your blogging adventures ?

  3. Gary's definitely real -- he's just sent me a film review and contributed to Review 2005.