I'll give you the man ...

Here is a Polaroid of me from the 6th October 1985. I'm using my first computer -- an Acorn Electron, and that's the tape deck that would take ten minutes to load in software. I can't remember which game I was playing but I certainly found it captivating didn't I? Not sure what was going on with the tracksuit. I was ten years old and owned a Raleigh Grifter.


  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I saw this photo and thought it was me. I split the whole of 1985 50/50 between bmxing and the acorn electron. Much of it waiting for games to load, or debugging programmes copied from C+VG magazine. Not sure if I had the saem awesome PJs though.

  2. That's right -- that's exactly what they are. Did you ever read Electron User or Acorn User? They were my computer mags of choice although all of the freaky machine code in the listings used to give me a headache.