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  • filmlog: The Descent (2005)
    Thrilling heart in your stomach psychological action horror film for 99.8% of its running time before fluffing it in the final moments. At least in the UK version. The US version apparently doesn't piss all over its audience quite so much.
  • York Minster astronomical clock
    We watched the tour guide trying to explain the intricassies of this -- perhaps he should have simply passed out copies of this.
  • filmlog: The Sea Hawk (1940)
    Brilliant swashbuckler set just prior to the Spanish Armada with Errol Flynn as thy-slapping Sir Francis Drake. Total fantasy of course, but no worse for it with sea battles and sword fighting and romance and a rousing Queen Elizabeth II.
  • filmlog: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
    Great dialogue and performances somehow manage to overcome the film's bizarre story structure and plot; there was a hithertoo unmentioned second island? That's convenient.
  • Liverpool 08: Music Tour
    "Discover more about Liverpool's musical heritage with our free walking tour as Pete Wylie explores the city's music scene from the 1960s to the present day passing clubs and venues in the World Capital of Pop."
  • Time Out Film: The directors: Stephen Fry
    Time Out have begun a series of articles by directors about their craft, beginning with Stephen Fry's perception of his perception of the process changed when he went behind the camera: "Your film is entirely made or unmade in the cutting room."
  • Used FAQs: What causes hangovers?
    Offers the complicated and not so complicated answer.
  • Time Out Film: The directors: Franc Roddam on Harvey Weinstein
    And the second, even more entertaining article as the director of ‘Quadrophenia’, recalls working with Harvey Weinstein on his 1992 film ‘K2’: ‘Fuck it, I’d better call Harvey… I’ll call the editor first.’
  • The Impulsive Buy: Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles
    Not quite the genius you would expect: "Worst building material EVER. Not enough holes for all the studs. Need rock hard pieces to erect something. Stalking is bad."
  • The Art Newspaper: Thieves beware: museum curators are after you
    Museum curators are being hired as special constables might be a good thing. Calling the scheme 'Art Beat' really isn't. Do you think they've realised why that sounds so familiar yet?
  • BBC Cult: Hart Beat (1988)
    Why it sounds so familar.
  • YouTube: Spoof DVD Piracy PSA
    Hilarious spoof anti-piracy ad for people who listen to a certain type of film review.
  • The Early Hitchcock Collection: DVD
    Amazing new boxset of the very early British Hitchcock. Includes: "Champagne, Blackmail, Murder!, The Ring, The Skin Game, The Manxman, Number Seventeen, The Farmer’s Wife"
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