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  • anna kiss: i am determined to be something other than what i am
    "i am determined to find the something that is me, to write, to be, in fact, a writer and to not feel helpless and emptied next to the colossalness of the phd in my midst."
  • sashinka: today is a big day
    Bit late with this but it was Sasha's fifth blog day on Tuesday. Congratulations.
  • The Triforce: Have You Seen This Man?
    The Triforce have a book out -- ‘Game On! From Pong to Oblivion: The 50 Greatest Videogames of All Time’ -- here they respond to a browser.
  • The Stage: Bragg calls for arts channel to show South Bank archive
    This sounds like a good idea but really I'm not sure how it would survive in the commercial world. Actually what I'd like to see is ArtsWorld getting a slot on Freeview.
  • BBC Four: Winter/Spring 2007 Preview
    Really amazing sounding programmes in here, including, "Archive Of The World" which sounds like Poliakoff's "Shooting The Past" as a documentary, and "Edwardian Supersize Me" which is fairly self explanatory.
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