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  • (UK) : Russian Dolls
    My favourite film of last year that wasn't Clerks II is out on dvd...
  • Free Download A Day: Classic arcade games
    Asteroids, Pacman, Pong, Snake, Space Invaders, Frogger, Tetris and Hexxagon all in one place, with pretty close recreations of them all, complete with sounds. I'm really addicted to Hexxagon and Frogger.
  • Jane Espenson: Jokes that Play Hard to Get
    On writing really subtle cultural references and still make them funny.
  • John August: Sundance, expanded edition
    John blogs his Sundance experiences.
  • filmlog: En plein coeur (1998)
    Classy French thriller about a randy lawyer who sleeps with a young, ingenue client and then has to deal with her obsessive boyfriend. Does lose steam towards the end, but on the whole really rather entertaining.
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