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  • BBC Two's new "Window on the World"
    New channel idents that recall the old days of the flower bed and the electric shock one.
  • qi transcripts dot com | the quite interesting textual alternative
    Bit of a curiousity. Every episode of the panel game transcribed. Loses something in the translation. Somehow I forgot that Hugh Laurie appeared in the first episode.
  • My Boring Ass Life » Gimme an Oscar, dammit!
    Kevin Smith is egotistical mood quite rightly lists all of the positive notices his acting received in the forthcoming movie 'Catch and Release' before giving some of the less than complementary critics a piece of his mind.
  • filmlog: Noel 2004)
    'Love Actually' is the victim of an attempted beating from a hyperlink film that straddles the fine line between heartwarming and mawkishness. Directed by Chazz Palminteri, touching performances from Sarandan, Cruz, Arkin and Walker.
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