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  • The Dave Gorman Collection now out on DVD
    Although you can only buy it at this shop. Interesting.
  • filmlog: His Big White Self (2006)
    Useful follow-up and in some ways annotation to the first film, which provides useful back ground to the leader, his driver and his driver's wife. The climax in which Broomfield returns to his original interviewee is really intense.
  • Liverpool Art and Culture Blog: Jesus Sculpture has Devil's Eyes
    "Visitors have descended on the Liverpool Academy of Art to kneel before the steel and bronze artwork after reports that “sparks” were shooting from its eyes."
  • Mancubist: What does the future hold for Afflecks Palace?
    Like Quiggins in Liverpool this is one of the hubs of student shopping in Manchester. I'm shocked and appalled that such a vital part of their community could be shut down.
  • Cinematical: George Lucas: Empire Was the Worst Star Wars Film!
    Wow, I mean wow. This explains so much ...
  • Andy's Anachronisms: Time Travel Reviews
    As it says but also lists some of the things the prop people missed.
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