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  • TV Scoop: Review: Primeval
    It's not just me as this witty review reveals. I did have a search around the 'sphere and the reviews were generally positive, although most were of the order of 'It's early days' or 'It might get better'. Which makes any future viewings charity.
  • Time Out Film: 50 Cinematic Masterpieces at the NFT
    Wonderfully idiosyncratic list and I love the note that they would have included 'F For Fake' instead of 'Kane'. Why the willful lack of anything too Hollywood though?
  • Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog: The BBC vs The Bard
    John Morrison's passionate post about the lack of Shakespeare, real Shakespeare on network television.
  • Keris Stainton: Up above the streets and houses
    Circular rainbows! Pictures of them!
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