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  • Metacritic: Music High and Low Scores
    Harsh but fair.
  • filmlog: The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife (1991)
    Excellent Nick Broomfield piece in which he reveals the hypocrisy of the far right in South Africa simply by being late for an interview and filming the reaction. Shows that the process of making a documentary can be just as revealing.
  • filmlog: The Green Ray (1986)
    A young woman spends her vacation from work trying to decide why she feels disenfranchised from society and why for no readily apparent reason she never feels part of the group. I know the feeling. Cried throughout.
  • filmlog A Good Wedding (1982)
    Pleasant Eric Rhomer film in which a character not unlike Paris from 'Gilmore Girls' tries to find a man who'll treat her right and then ends up stalking some random bloke even though he's really not the right man for her.
  • filmlog: The American Nightmare (2000)
    Decent documentary about horror from the 60s and 70s in which their creators discuss their thematic resonance rather than the nuts and bolts film making process. Interesting editing style mixing film shots with relevant news footage.
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