Feed Me, Sidebar

About I hope you enjoyed the interview with Amy Riley yesterday. If anyone else has something they'd like me to plug, let me know and I'll treat you like a queen. Or king.

Elsewhere, non-RSS readers will have noticed I've been spring cleaning the sidebar and taken advantage of the Blogger's page elements features. I've updated my wishlist and found AmazonBox, that pretty javascript graphic feed which creates a mosaic from just the covers. It's set to include the ten cheapest items, although oddly it selects the order based on Marketplace prices. So, look Annette -- I've updated my wishlist!

I've also exploded the old Elsewhere list of links of other place I write online to small feeds with links to actual posts. I had some fun with Yahoo Pipes so that I could pull my own work out from group blogs. The Behind The Sofa feed was specially created by site runner Damon -- who then went on to win a 'no prize' for being the first to notice that the link to this blog that I've had all these years as my email signature has been using a \ instead of a / and therefore made no sense. I hadn't even spotted that.

As for the logo bar. I know that hasn't changed for some time. To reveal a bit of history, it's a shot taken through the window as a train rushes through a station between Liverpool and Manchester. I took it whilst I was commuting to university. Symbolically it was supposed to indicate the fact that I was sort of living in both cities. I was tempted to change it whilst I was tinkering, but decided that actually it still works, at least for me. It reminds me that I still have the capacity to keep moving forward but also that I'll always have a home to return to.


  1. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Hows the job hunting going ? Any joy yet ?

  2. Thanks for asking. As I mentioned all too subtly in an earlier post, I've a weekend job beginning shortly, which will help.

  3. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Weekend job ? Sounds interesting. Are we privy to the details ?

  4. Yeah. Back slash. Forward slash. Torchwood Slash (actually, is Torchwood Slash physically possible given the 'adult' nature of the programme?). It's all the same thing to me. I had actually been meaning to mention it for a while. Sorry.