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  • Ask MetaFilter Community Weblog's April Fool
    "She's vegan, I'm a cannibal who hates tofu. Restaurant suggestions? We're in Toronto. "
  • STARTREK.COM : Rick and Brannon Return to Creative Fold
    "Like 'Nemesis,' we have no intention to make money here. This is strictly a love letter to the fans," says Berman.
  • How-Do: Elliott confirms Time Out Manchester October launch
    Good news -- the regional listings bubble hasn't burst and if this is a successful launch perhaps it'll mean that the Liverpool edition will be ready during 2008.
    Jon Wise wins this year's award for reviewing Doctor Who and missing the point. I mean what does he expect? If was to review him, I'd say he was too reliant on easy jokes and missplaced expectations of what a season opener is supposed to do...
  • 52 Pickup: Week 47: The Celestial Longbox
    The usual issue review, but there's also a good discussion of the issues surrounding the digital downloading of comics which isn't something I'd considered that much in my dial-up world.
  • AlterNet: MediaCulture: Lies My Paper Told Me
    Analyzing the analyzers; investigating a new journalistic culture of explaining the truth behind the lies then not following through with a coherent message. Or something.
  • Alternative Film Guide: June Mathis: Author Allan Ellenberger Discusses One of the Most Powerful Women in Hollywood History
    “She fairly lives and breathes motion pictures, and if ever a woman had her hand on the pulse of the film industry, it is this indefatigable worker, who not only knows what she wants, but knows how to get it.” -- the New York Morning Telegraph
  • The Art Newspaper: RussianCulture Ministry has no idea how many museums there are in the country, says report
    "Dr Zagrebina has been transferred to the Restoration Storage Centre, the museum’s modern storage facility about eight kilometres to the north of the main complex, “for health reasons”. " Whatever that means.
  • Annette's Notebook: My Life, Part 3
    Annette's autobiography catches up with the present. "Eighteen is a young age to try to decide your whole future." Certainly is -- look what happened to me -- I'm still trying to make up for it a decade and a half later...
  • Vanilla Days : Tate Liverpool Chinese Fireworks
    This might not have been a public event but I'm not sure how we could have missed them -- we could see them from the flat window eight or nine miles away. Another lovely selection of photos from Pete.
  • Metafilter: This has destroyed my productivity, now it can destroy yours... |
    Someone posts as Atari ST emulator and links to games and suddenly thousands of people stop being able to get anything done.
  • filmlog: 28 Days Later (2002)
    Gripping and surprisingly touching zombie come road movie held together by some wonderful performances and great use of Digital Video. The best scenes are obviously at the opening, with Murphy walking through a deserted London.
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