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  • filmlog: Capricorn One (1978)
    Brilliantly entertaining if slightly gonzo. The real draw is the dialogue, which even when the situation is grim seems to have strayed in from a 1940s screwball comedy. The scene in which a man has to drink a snake's blood to survive is a hoot.
  • Hack Stand-Up Comedy FAQ - hack.txt [01/01]
    This might be about ten years old, but still rings true. The reason the likes of Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard have done well in stand-up is because they've never done these things. That said, Peter Kaye has built his career on them.
  • YouTube: Cheney is a Creep
    What was the man doing stuck out in the bushes sorta speak?
  • A little Jack with that?: The most beautiful place on earth
    "Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day, and eventually that the road leads home."
  • Metacritics: Grindhouse (2007)
    Thank goodness for that. Although some reviews are a bit cautious about the respective films being too authentic, mostly raves are greeting the new Tarantino/Roderiguez.
  • filmlog: The Final Countdown (1980)
    Ultimately promises more than it delivers. The story of an naval officer having to relive a period of history in seclusion knowing the timeline but unwilling or unable to change anything seems far more potent an idea.
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