Ho and indeed hum.

TV Mainstream reviews of last night's debut are trickling through and perhaps the most bizarre is this item from Jon Wise, the self appointed 'wise man of tv' who writes for The People. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, etc, but never have four hundred odd words been so misjudged. Example:

"The constant changing of actors leaves a continuity problem larger than Simon Cowell's ego. A problem that could have been overcome if this series offered something new to distract. But if the opener is anything to go by, then we're in for the same tricks over again.

Rather than a big, bold, Dalek-filled start, we were palmed off with naff aliens and a schmaltzy storyline."

Seriously, what's he expecting? You simply can't introduce a new companion in some massive complicated story without them becoming lost, especially not with such a short running time. The man might like his Daleks, but you can't have them every week. They tried that during the Hartnell era and they became boring. As the beer commercial says, you need to take your time.

Anyone else noticed anything unusual going on in the land of the professional tv reviewer?

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