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  • filmlog: Gladiator: Special Edition (2000)
    Despite come flashes of visceral excitement, this is a strangely unmoving film; perhaps its that the moments of empathy are too clearly signposted to the extent that you're drawn out of the story. Excellent performances and action though.
  • filmlog: The Weather Man (2005)
    Or Gore Verbinski ruins another hour and half of my life. Has the irritating faux indie sensibilities of someone whose seen 'Me, You, And Everyone We Know' and decided to do something similar. Meh.
  • YOU CAN'T TAKE A PICTURE: My Guide to Babylon 5: Season One... and beyond
    "A Note on "Crusade": Don't watch it."
  • Electric Youth: The Musical
    This sounds like one of those made up things that appear in sitcoms, but here it is a stager based on the music of Debbie (sorry) Deborah Gibson. This I'd love to see, if only to see how those songs can be turned into a coherent narrative ...
  • Rolling Stone : Dignity : Review
    Continuing with the theme - 'Rolling Stone' gives Hilary Duff album good review shocker.
  • Homeland Security Classifies TRON as "Sensitive"
    I think its an April Fool. But it was posted late March. I'm confused.
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