"angry tuts"

Arts The Guardian's posted what amounts to its own code of conduct for behaviour at arts events and as ever with such things, some of the best stories are in the comments:
"I was out seeing Persepolis in GFT and the couple next to me produced a large crinkly bag of boiled sweets, each sweet individually wrapped in crinkly cellophane

"They chain ate these sweets for forty minutes completely oblivious of the angry tuts being hurled in their direction from other audience members. Eventually I asked them to please be quiet at which point the woman in front of me, who was one of the main tutters, told me to shut up."
Which is oddly enough roughly what happened to me at Cabin in the Woods the other week. A man sat the row behind had bought a back of sweets and put them in his pocket, which means I had to endure the sound of him putting his hand in his pocket, then into the bag, pulling it one, opening it, throwing it into his mouth, suck, repeat.

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