"the clever use of text"

Film This Digital Arts piece about creating film posters has two things going for it. (a) The thorough linkage of design companies and (b) the artwork, especially the clever use of text on the Buried poster:
"Equally eye-grabbing typography was used by Ignition Print (ignitioncreative.com) in its poster for Buried. It wraps a small image of leading actor Ryan Reynolds within layer upon layer of quotes from reviews. It’s these quotes, rather than the film’s potentially off-putting premise of Reynolds being stuck in a coffin for 90 minutes, that do the work of selling the film while preserving a strong visual link to the film’s main idea."
The essentially message is that thanks to the web, there's no excuse for boring posters just containing an actors face. Or rather just having boring posters containing the actor's face.  Innovate.

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