"the constituency race in Kettering in 1945"

Film On my Hamlet weblog, I've posted about how the British Council have uploaded a selection of their films for streaming and download and talked about the Shakespeare content (films of Macbeth and Julius Caesar).  But there are bits and pieces which are more in the interests of this blog.

For example, here's a nine minute film "Merseyside" which describes the Mersey from its source in the Derbyshire hills to its estuary below Liverpool, "to where stand Birkenhead and Liverpool, two of England's greatest ports, linked together by the great engineering achievement, the Mersey Tunnel. In these two towns, mile upon mile of docks confront the eye, as befits the gateways of the New World.'"

There's also General Election, a proto-Crick Newsnight style piece focusing on the constituency race in Kettering in 1945, the year when the country kicked out its war PM Churchill in favour Atlee on the assumption that Labour were better placed to rebuild the country rather than the Tories, a time when the Liberals were led by someone called Archibald Sinclair.

Or how about Morning Paper which follows the production of an issue of The Times during the Blitz, from the daily editorial conference to the printing presses when it was still a paper of some authority, a mantle I'd argue is now under the auspices of The Guardian. But then I would think that, wouldn't I?

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