"Delpy is still fuming about it."

Film The Guardian today catches Julie Delpy in typically effervescent mood. Here's an interesting titbit about the making of Before Sunrise:
"Hawke and Delpy co-wrote Before Sunset, the sequel to Before Sunrise, 10 years after filming the original. They also contributed to the script of the first film, but were denied credit after a vicious battle with the director, Richard Linklater, and the official screenwriter, Kim Krizan. Delpy is still fuming about it. She and Linklater have since made up. But, she says, "Richard was not totally fair on that. And he knows it. Richard says he couldn't do anything, but I think he could've done something." If he had any class, she says, he'd "take the film off the shelf and put our names on it"."
That might explain the delay in the making the second film and some of its bitterness.  Perhaps this will be righted when they're released in some other format.

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