"British newspaper readers"

Music The Awl tries to come to terms with Pixie Lott:
"But to be brutally realistic, in our cutthroat global economy pretty girls with pleasing singing voices and fierce ambition are ten a penny. What sets Pixie apart is a unique weapon that inarguably cemented her cultural dominance: a surname with an obvious utility for headline puns. On any given day, British newspaper readers might learn that "Pixie Shows Lotta Class" or, conversely, that there’s a "Lott Of Pix On Display" or perhaps even that "Pixie's Not Ready For A Lott of Responsibility." Showbiz aspirants devising a stage name, do take note. (Pixie’s given name, by the way, is Victoria; she was nicknamed Pixie by her mother because she was “such a tiny, cute baby who looked like a fairy.”)"
In the moment before this one I was trying to remember the melody to a single one of Lott's songs. Not succeeding, in this moment, I returned to the recording of Handel's Concerti Grossi Op, 3 Nos 1&2 that's been part of my soundtrack this week.

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